Luke Pay Station ImageIt is the mission of every Park Select franchise to provide effective customer specific parking solutions, dependable and consistent monitoring and exceptional client service… while working to ensure that the cost is born by the parking violator.

resized_350x227_Meeting_shotIt is the mission of Park Select Franchise Opportunities Inc. to offer affordable franchise opportunities with amazing profit potential that will revolutionize the parking industry, one lot at a time!

Park Select was founded upon the basic core values of honesty, responsibility and respect. Our daily operations, our goals and our success are guided by these principles. They ensure our integrity and dictate an uncompromising code of conduct.

  • Honesty:
    The most crucial ingredient to any successful relationship is honesty. Our honesty is not situational and we are honest regardless of the consequences. We tell the undistorted, complete truth and we tell it in a responsible and respectful manner.
  • business ownerResponsibility:
    We are accountable for our decisions and behaviors. We recognize that all decisions and behaviors have consequences and we accept those consequences regardless of whether or not we like them. We accept that we are responsible for making the most of the opportunities we are given. We do not blame others or hold others accountable for our decisions or behaviors.
  • Respect:
    All people are valuable and deserving of respect regardless of their differences or opinions. We treat all people with courtesy, behaving in a polite and professional manner regardless of the manner that others might exhibit. We are respectful of the feelings and sensitivities of others, though we are not responsible for those feelings.
  • Park Select 004Our Staff
    At Park Select Franchising Opportunities Inc. people are our most valuable asset. We recognize that all employees are different and that each person in our organization brings unique talents, experience and potential. Our commitment to the growth and success of our staff is an investment rewarded by loyalty and dedication.
  • Our Reputation
    Park Select clients feel confident that we are protecting their best interest in the daily operations of their parking facilities. Accurate and timely reporting, dependable and professional monitoring and fair dispute resolutions is the reputation that we have worked very hard to create. We value our client’s opinions; therefore, we strive to exceed their expectations.
  • CandidateOur Desire to Grow
    In business as in nature, anything that is alive and healthy grows. For Park Select the choice to franchise was a natural progression. As our positive reputation has grown so have the opportunities to move into surrounding markets. Balancing the desire to remain intimate and involved in daily operations with the desire to grow made Park Select Franchising Opportunities the perfect vehicle to ensure our ongoing growth and success.
Park Select Wilmington was established in Wilmington, North Carolina in 2000, to serve clients with parking facilities of all sizes. The unique philosophy of Park Select was and is a simple one:

  • Property owners should not be obligated to spend money to protect their lots against parking violators.

PS-LOGOFor over 20 years our founder and CEO, Kirk Iventosch was a successful restaurateur and parking lot owner. During this time, Kirk discovered the disturbing realty that property and business owners must often spend hundreds, even thousands, keeping unwanted cars out of their lots; contracting expensive security companies or hiring their own attendants to stop parking violators. Kirk believed that it was unfair for property owners to be to forced pay to enforce their ownership rights. So, Kirk sold his restaurants and relocated to Wilmington, North Carolina to establish a new and innovative company… Park Select Wilmington.

Park Select Wilmington offered clients an alternative to costly agencies and undependable staff… an alternative to the poor public relations and the loss of potential business that towing causes… an alternative that keeps private parking facilities available for their intended use, and at no cost to the property or business owner.

Realizing that every business is unique, Kirk worked for a decade to develop the systems and tools required to tailor parking solutions that would fit the needs of each lot owner. Over the years he designed solutions for retailers, banks, restaurants, offices, shopping centers & pay lots, and at little or no cost to the lot owner. Each successful relationship helped to build Park Select Wilmington’s reputation for effective parking solutions and increased parking revenues for Wilmington parking lot owners.

Park Select new boxes 013Before long almost every parking lot in downtown Wilmington was monitored by Park Select and surrounding areas, such as Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, began to express a desire that Park Select expand in to their city. Kirk realized that the underserved niche of private parking facilities that ensured Park Select Wilmington’s success could be found in virtually every city in the world. It was time to choose a method of expansion for Park Select Wilmington. His goal of forming Park Select Franchising Opportunities Inc. became a reality in 2010.

Now, Park Select Franchising Opportunities Inc. is proud to offer franchisees the same unique systems and tools that have been tried and proven for over a decade. If there are private parking facilities in your city… if there are parking violators that take advantage of those lots… and if you are willing to incorporate proven methods of lot management for amazing profit potential… a Park Select franchise may be just the ticket to your future!

KirkKirk Iventosch
Founder, CEO
Director of Operations

As the Director of Operations, our founder and CEO Kirk Iventosch remains closely involved with all Park Select daily operations. In addition to expansion development, Kirk continues to exhibit the daily, hands-on approach that solidified Park Select’s initial success.

Sandi_spaceSandra Iventosch

As President, Sandra Iventosch works to ensure the continual development and improvement of Park Select systems and tools.

DeniseDenise Loughlin
Financial Director

Denise Loughlin, our Financial Director, is primarily responsible for designing the bookkeeping and reporting procedures utilized in daily operations and in franchise sales and development.