Here are some frequently asked questions that may be on your mind.

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So what does a Park Select franchise actually do?

text_check2A Park Select Franchise offers parking monitoring and management services at little or no cost to the small business owner and/or private parking facility owners. Through the use of our specially designed systems, tools and procedures, our franchisees are able to offer an alternative to the costly agencies and undependable staff local parking lot owners are forced to use… An alternative to the poor public relations and the loss of potential business that towing causes… An alternative that keeps their parking lots available for their intended use, and at little or no cost to the property or business owner!

By tailoring every parking solution to fit the needs of the parking lot owner, we’ve helped retailers, banks, restaurants, offices, shopping centers & pay lots find the parking solution that’s right for them, and we can train you to do it too!

How do I know if my area could use a Park Select franchise?

text_check2If there are areas in or around your town where parking is a commodity, where parking facility owners are currently spending money to discourage parking violators, or where small business owners who can’t afford to enforce through towing have no other options available…then a Park Select franchise is needed in your area!

text_check2Are there areas where towing is used to discourage parking abuses?
text_check2Do any parking lots in your area employ hourly employees to monitor or collect parking fees?
text_check2Are there high volume areas where private parking is abused?
text_check2Are there parking decks and lots in your area that are currently using a large, nationally contracted firm to monitor and manage
daily or monthly tenants?

If you answered “yes” to any of these four questions, a Park Select franchise is coming soon to your area. The only remaining question is… will it be yours?

What is the cost of a Park Select franchise?

text_check2The total investment necessary to begin operations of a Park Select franchise can vary depending on many factors, such as location, optional office equipment and staffing. In addition to the initial Park Select Franchising Opportunities franchise fee of $40k, additional startup cost and recommended working capital can range from $15k to $61k (That’s a total start-up investment of $65k to $101k).
*Please note that in-house financing for franchise fee may be available for qualified candidates.

What do I get for my franchise fee?

text_check2Park Select, the original franchise opportunity in the parking management industry, literally wrote the book on making parking profitable for franchisees! Your franchise fee guarantees your right to own and employ a completely unique business model that has been developed and perfected for over a decade. You’ll avoid much of the costs and frustrations that come with the trial-and-error of starting a new business.

The systems and tools you’ll receive include:

text_check2An exclusive, mapped and protected territory.
text_check2Extensive new owner training and staff training at our headquarters
text_check2On site field and office support for your grand opening and beyond
text_check2Proprietary software and hardware
text_check2Professional and effective marketing and sales materials
text_check2Ongoing collections support

And much, much more! Park Select franchises are truly a one-of-a-kind franchise opportunity!

How much is the fee for continuing support services?

text_check2The continuing services or “royalty fee,” is set on an adjusting scale beginning at 10% and decreasing to as little as 6% of your gross revenue. How does the scale work? For franchises that gross less than 250K annually, the royalty rate is set at 10%, but Park Select rewards growth and accomplishment! Each time a Park Select franchise increases their gross income by another 250K, their royalty rate drops 1%, until they reach the lowest available royalty of 6%.

This fee entitles you to use the “PARK SELECT” service mark, use of our distinctive Park Select systems, ongoing marketing assistance, ongoing business development and counseling, and many other benefits that come with being a Park Select franchise.

We here at Park Select Franchising Opportunities believe that by providing such valuable on-going support, systems and tools, we will earn more than a monthly royalty… We will earn the long term loyalty of successful franchisees!

Will I have an exclusive territory?

text_check2Park Select Franchising Opportunities, Inc. grants only exclusive, mapped territories. The first step in the process is selecting candidates that are motivated and ambitious. We believe strongly that once we find such candidates, we must provide ample opportunity for them to grow and succeed… thus we must never compete with them or force them to compete with other Park Select franchises!

Many factors, such as the population density which effects parking demand, the area’s growth potential and the resources and abilities of the franchise candidate, are used to determine territory. The goal is to ensure that the awarded territory is an area of optimum opportunity for your new Park Select business!

What is the term of the Franchise Agreement?

text_check2The initial term of the Franchise Agreement is five years from the date the Franchise Agreement is signed.  The franchise is renewable for three successive terms of five years each, providing you have complied with the provisions of the Franchise Agreement. There is no renewal fee.

How long is the training period with Park Select Franchising Opportunities?

text_check2Our comprehensive training program covers every aspect of owning and operating a Park Select franchise. You, any designated manager and up to two assistants will be supplied with the systems and tools that you will use to make your Park Select franchise a success. The step-by-step, in depth training will be administered by the very people that designed those systems and tools, our Park Select Training Team!

Training at Park Select Franchising Opportunities headquarters in Wilmington, NC will last for one to two weeks, depending on the level of instruction needed in areas such as business organization or familiarity with the office software programs commonly used by Park Select. And since the experience level of franchisee/trainees varies, training periods are adjusted to accommodate the level of expertise and therefore vary in length.

The comprehensive Park Select training program is designed to prepare you and your staff for your grand opening and beyond!

Speaking of the grand opening…will the corporate training team be there? And what about ongoing training and support…say, if I hire a new manager?

text_check2Yes, by all means! Our Park Select Training Team and our Park Select Office Support Team will be there every step of the way! After your initial training at corporate headquarters, the Park Select Training Team will come to your territory for on-site training. Your field training will include helping you to establish your new accounts… assisting you as you set up and operate your Park Select office, and, of course, preparing you for a successful grand opening!  Every territory and every franchisee is different; therefore, there is no pre-determined length of time for on-site training, though you can expect this period to last at least one to two weeks.

And once your on-site field training is complete, ongoing training and support is only a phone call away. As your Park Select business grows, our corporate team will be there to help. From offering training for new staff members and management team members to assistance and advice on daily operations, Park Select franchisees are in business for themselves, but NEVER by themselves!

What about advertising?

text_check2The Park Select name and reputation is an important part of our business. You can expect to spend about $1,000 on grand-opening advertising during the first three months of operations. In addition, you may be expected to make Marketing Fund contributions of up to 1% of your monthly gross revenue.

Yet, unlike many franchise concepts, Park Select franchisees enjoy the rewards of a business model ideally suited to direct marketing. Your marketing dollars and Marketing Fund contributions are used to develop materials that will effectively reach the list of potential clients in your area. As a Park Select franchisee, you will be trained and equipped to readily identify and specifically target those business and property owners in your territory that need your services… and then keep them!

How many employees would I need to hire in order to operate a Park Select franchise?

text_check2The Park Select franchise business model is versatile and can often be managed with just 1 or 2 employees at first… including you! The size of your territory, number of initial accounts and personal time management goals will play a part in determining the number of employees you will hire and when you will need to hire them. Park Select Franchising Opportunities training will thoroughly prepare you to perform in any Park Select job capacity; and our strategic expansion outline will help you to prepare for jobs that your franchise may create in your market.

Can I operate my business from a home office or will I need to rent or purchase space?

text_check2One of the advantages of owning a Park Select franchise is that our business model is uniquely suited for home office operation. A minimum amount of office space can be easily utilized to accommodate all of the necessary equipment and tools. As your business and staff grows you may wish to locate your business office outside your home, but our distinctive operations model and tools can allow for such growth and any additional office staff through telecommuting, saving franchisees thousands! So if clocking-in in your bathrobe is for you, owning a Park Select franchise could be a perfect opportunity.

Will my home office be cluttered with supplies after I sign up?

text_check2Not at all, in fact, there is a minimal amount of equipment and supplies needed to start and maintain a Park Select franchise. And ordering fresh supplies is fast and easy, so there is no need to keep a large inventory on hand.

Where do I get my supplies from?

text_check2Park Select Franchising Opportunities has assembled a comprehensive “Park Select in a Box” accessible from any internet ready computer. From supplies shipped directly to your door to a-ready-to-use website and toll-free customer help line, your Park Select office will be open and running smoothly in just a couple of weeks. On-going supplies can be easily ordered at the Park Select Franchising Opportunities website without the hassle of dealing with multiple supplies vendors. Printed materials can be customized and ordered with ease, documents accessed and downloaded from anywhere. Park Select franchisees enjoy easy access to the tools they need to succeed!

Will there be someone I can call or email to answer my questions after I get started?

text_check2Office support and field support are readily available. Our Park Select Training Team is always available by phone and email. And our Park Select Office Support Team is available for both franchisees and consumers, online at, or by phone at our convenient toll free number.

What is my next step?

text_check2Complete the Confidential Franchise Evaluation Form and return it to us. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 888-472-7525 and ask for a franchise representative or visit us at or at for more information. We look forward to speaking with you.