What will my initial investment be?

The total starting capitol recommended to begin operations of a Park Select franchise can be as little as $55,000, which includes the $40,000 franchise fee paid to Park Select Franchising Opportunities Inc. Such a reasonable investment amount is due in part to the fact that our unique business model is ideally suited to operate from a home-based office, and requires no costly build out.

Business MeetingStill, every Park Select franchisee is an independent business owner, free to choose from an array of locations, business services, products and resources. Factors such as market conditions in your area… personal preferences in office space, furnishings or equipment… staffing needs… all of these will play a part in determining your overall investment.

Park Select Franchising Opportunities Inc. has developed guidelines to assist the franchisee in making these choices. Our team of experienced professionals will assist you in determining a reasonable starting capitol range for your area and your situation.