What Lot Owners Are Saying About Park Select…

“I appreciate the work you guys have done over the last two years. You have completely alleviated the problem of parking violators in our private lot. My tenants have never been happier! For the first time their spaces remain available without resorting to towing! And the best part, of course, is it cost me nothing! What a wonderful service!”
Mr. Michael Glancy, Lot Owner
 “… I couldn’t be happier with the new lot! Who would have thought that you could get ten parking spaces on that little piece of land? It looks great and it has really has been a win-win situation for everyone! The shoppers have available parking, the shop tenants are enjoying the added business and I am making thousands on a piece of land that never made a dime!” 
Dr. Ben Gottschalk, Lot Owner
“Thanks to your company, (my) lot is still providing convenience to my customers; but, it is no longer necessary for me to employ an hourly attendant or worry about that attendant’s reliability or character. I no longer have to spend valuable time collecting rent from monthly tenants, and my tenants are delighted with your service. Their spaces are always available and your staff is professional and courteous.  …In all honesty, I didn’t believe that none of this would cost me a dime. And I was equally disbelieving when Park Select suggested that I would make tens of thousands of dollars each year. But, you were absolutely right! I couldn’t be more pleased! Now the time I dedicate to the management of my lot is the few minutes a month I spend depositing the check. Thank you.”
Mr. Harper Peterson, Lot Owner
“Thank you so much for your services in monitoring the parking lots at the Coastline Convention Center. Our only regret is that we didn’t learn of your services sooner!  …Once you began monitoring our lots we were able to eliminate the violators without resorting to the hassles of towing, freeing up much needed space and at no cost to us. Park Select’s staff is always friendly, professional and courteous, not only to our staff, but to our guests as well. We’ve received no complaints about the service… and, the lots are monitored consistently every day.”
Jerry Gilson, General Manager, Coastline Convention Center
“Since 2001, Park Select has been a great asset to the Wilmingtonian & The City Club.  …previous to working with Park Select we had problems identifying a suitable solution for parking enforcement. With two lots to watch, and guests that need to park, Park Select has been our answer!  …Park Select and your employees have always been courteous and gracious to our staff and most importantly, our guests and members. We have never received any complaints, and considering what your job is, that means a lot!”
Michael Hettleman, CEO, The City Club, Inc.
“I highly recommend Park Select. They stay on top of the parking issues and concerns.”
Jerry Cribb, Property Manager, Network Real Estate Co.