decksThe answer may surprise you.  As of 2001, there were 767,483 business establishments in all domestic franchise systems (either owned by franchisors and franchisees), which employed almost 10 million people, with direct output close to $625 billion, and a payroll of $230 billion.  These establishments account for significant percentage of all establishments in many important lines of business: 56.3% in quick service restaurants, 18.2% in lodging, 14.2% in retail food, and 13.1% in table/full service restaurants.

You may have noticed, these numbers do not include parking management. Why? Because until now there have been no franchise models in the parking management industry. Park Select is a one of a kind! We don’t have to beat the competition. We don’t have any!

Park Select 020Park Select Franchising Opportunities offers individuals an excellent shot at attaining the American dream of owning their own business, but with much of the risk removed. In effect, the Park Select franchisee is able to launch his or her new business without many of the usual growing pains. We here at Park Select have already made, and corrected, the most important mistakes, ironed out most of the wrinkles, and invented a unique system that has been proven to work.Park Select Franchising Opportunities provides an additional comfort level to the Park Select franchisee through ongoing, daily support services and access to the latest systems and tools. We are committed to ongoing development and constantly search for ways to expand and strengthen the support that we offer our franchisees. Park Select Franchising Opportunities is the leader in the parking management franchise industry, and we are determined to keep that position!

Park Select is:

text_check2FIRST in the parking industry to develop the systems and tools necessary to provide customer specific parking solutions!
text_check2FIRST to develop a completely cost effective form of parking management!
text_check2FIRST to offer lot owners, regardless of the size of their facility, access to a working deterrent to parking violators!
text_check2FIRST to develop a method of management that maximizes parking availability through effective cross utilization of facilities!

And now we are:

text_check2FIRST to offer the experience, the systems and the tools that will help you, the Park Select Franchisee, to be FIRST in your area.

Park Select franchisees are in business for themselves, they are never in business by themselves.

Public Parking P SignThe success of Park Select Franchising Opportunities hinges upon the success of each and every franchisee. Therefore, we recognize the importance of selecting the right candidates. Likewise, the decision to buy a business is one of the biggest commitments you will ever make. It is important that you choose an industry that suits your talents and an organization that will provide the greatest opportunity for your growth and success.

The unique and simplistic Park Select business model coupled with our comprehensive training program and ongoing support systems are designed to ensure success; still however the most important key ingredient to that success is the franchisee. Some important questions to ask yourself when determining if you are an ideal candidate to consider buying a Park Select franchise include:

text_check2What type of work is most appealing to me; for example, Do I enjoy working with the public? Am I a comfortable communicating with accounts?
text_check2Am I organized and motivated?
text_check2Am I prepared to work hard and take financial risks?
text_check2Do my advisors, family, and friends think I am adaptable and trainable?
text_check2How do I react to controls? Am I a loner – resenting authority and restraints, or can I accept guidance and direction happily?
text_check2If I prefer to act as a passive investor in the franchise, do I have the resources and qualified staff necessary to run the franchise?
text_check2How do I personally feel about the company’s image and services?
text_check2Am I suited to the industry physically and by experience, education and learning capacity?

We here at Park Select Franchising Opportunities are happy that you are considering our organization as an option for business ownership. If you are interested in learning more about the Park Select business model we would be happy to answer any questions you might have. We are actively seeking motivated individuals in several US markets. For more information click here to contact us.